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I am a humanist, a feminist, a leftist, a dom, a procrastinator, a flirt, a student, a nurse, a student nurse and a cis male. I think about sex a lot. Sometimes I think about other things too.

May 6

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shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?

hot as balls

If Dr. Seuss Books Were Titled According to Their Subtexts

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Feb 21

Anonymous asked: Hey I like your blog.. anyway is BackToSchoolGiftCards(.)com legit? My step sister said she got a $500 pizza hut giftcard from FedEx on Friday but I'm skeptical.. You seem smart so tell me what you think.

I think your name is called spam!

Dec 15
this is beautiful

this is beautiful

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Nov 7


“There’s Only One Thing To Do When The Internet Calls You Fat”

I laughed, cried, fist pumped and watched it twice.

The BEST thing you’ll see all day.

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Sep 6

Aug 15

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